A second gratuitous intro post!

May 19, 2011

Nicole, 21, soon to be a college graduate in northern Washington.

Neat, sweet, petite.

(Or, well, sweet and petite. Perhaps not so neat!)

Let’s be honest: I am extremely lazy when it comes to fashion. Things that guide me in making clothing purchases:

→ Is it classic enough and sturdy enough to be work for several years?

→ Does it match clothing that I already own? Is it layerable?

→ Is it fitted? (I’m super skinny, and, well. I enjoy flaunting what few curves I have. There is no shame in that.)

→ Is it comfortable?

→ Is it washer and dryer friendly? (If not, is it so wonderful that it’s worth the effort?)

I wear my clothing until it dies. I am sure that the people in my classes appreciate this – I have a tendency to wear the same clothing almost every week. (Clean, of course.)

As long as I can get myself out of the door in the morning showered and dressed, that is pretty good! No make-up, no fancy hair, etc etc.

Things were not always like this. I remain quite enamored with my collection of eyeliners (almost all pencil, all different colors) and my super black, rather slutty mascara. For a girl who does not wear eyeshadow or lipstick, I have a large selection of colors to choose from!

But somewhere in the past few years, I fell off of the bandwagon. I also used to take a picture of myself every day. I fell off of that bandwagon, too. And the photography bandwagon in general. You can see where this is going!

To get me back on the bandwagon, I am going to need quite the push. Hopefully, this blog will help to provide that. (Hopefully, so will a change of activity and scenery after graduation.)

Things that I am loving now:

Nail polish. For a long time, I was too finicky and depressed to be able to deal with it. It was never good enough. But now? Now, bring on the colors! This week, I am wearing ALL FOUR COLORS in the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean sampler set. (There are pictures. They will be up this weekend – I left my camera at home this week. See what I mean?) Next week, I will be wearing something completely different.

Boots. Love me some boots. It’s all black leather, all the time around here. I did acquire some adorable flats and sandals a few weeks ago but, alas, I live in Washington.

Knee Socks. I no longer see any reason to have short socks. Knee socks can do everything that short socks can do, and more. I particularly enjoy wearing them with my higher boots, but I really don’t need an excuse.

So… Yes. S. Ansley and I have known each other for a very long time. One Easter – take this for fashion sense! – we dressed up as, respectively, a Jedi and a Klingon and duked it out in the garage at my parents house.

While we may not do it again, it really does give a sense of the similarities and differences between us!

(Also: I am the maker of the Welcome Bunny. He is only one of several that I have turned out… They are kind of addictive.)

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