Banana Republic’s Sloan Fit Crop

May 25, 2011

My new favorite pair of pants! I loved these pants so much I bought them in both “True Navy” which, until about five seconds ago I was convinced was charcoal, and “Neutral Khaki” which I am going to rename Olive because Khaki is an ugly word and kind of an ugly color and not really a good adjective for these babies.

Until this season, I avoided cropped pants like the plague. Most of the options I’ve experienced have been of an awkward, unflattering length, overly casual, and anything but sexy. Working at BR has opened many doors for my wardrobe (posts on white pants and maxi-dresses to come), but these pants are thus far my favorite. While they also come in black and taupe, I chose the navy and the khaki because the colors transition easily between season while black is decidedly a mostly winter color and taupe is just…taupe.

I absolutely adore these pants. They hit me right above the ankle and fit close to the leg from thigh to calf. Some full-length Sloans have a flare, but thank goodness these do not. I would not touch a flared pant with a ten foot pole, but that is just my personal preference. The waistband is wide with a two button closure. The Sloan is a low-rise, Banana’s sexiest foundational fit. After wearing these uber stretchy crops, I never want to put on a pair of jeans again. I feel like I could do gymnastics in these. Unbelievably comfy. Legitimately so as they are comprised of cotton, rayon, and elastane. They fit close to the body, but not like a legging or some other spandex creation. They are tailored, but classy-nicely accentuate the silhouette without showing off the…goods.

Given their cut and fit, the pants have a subtle sort of 60s vibe to them. I could totally see Holly Golightly rockin’ them in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” They wear well for most occasions. Paired with a blazer and nice shoes (not necessarily heels), they would fare well in most office environments and certainly for the “classy casual” look I so favor. With a sassy top and a pair of stilettos, you could definitely wear them out for drinks, though I wouldn’t go so far as to wear them to a formal event. The other great thing about the look of these pants is that no matter what you consider your personal style (artsy, conservative, classic, etc.), these pants will conform to your look. Yes, they have a bit of character themselves, but not so much that they will go out of style anytime soon. They pair just as well with a soft, feminine cardigan and pearls as they do crazy prints and accessories. I foresee myself wearing them both in the more conservative work environment as well as to class where I might dress a little more “colorfully.”

Naturally, there has to be a catch. Yes, before you ask, they are dry-clean only. And this is not one of those dry-clean onlys that you can ignore and randomly get wet/machine wash. In case you weren’t aware, rayon, like silk, hates water. A few sprinklies from the rain might be fine, but don’t be drying your hands on these or standing in a downpour. You will get water spots and they may or may not come out at the dry cleaners depending, it would appear, entirely on chance. If you spill on these pants, resist the urge to use stain remover. Just take it to the cleaners as soon as you can. You’re honestly better off doing that than attempting to remove/pre-treat it yourself. Whatever you do, do not rub dry clean only garments with a towel or something. Upon cleaning, the rubbed spot will frequently fade. If you’re not as clumsy with food as I am, dry-clean twice a year, Dryel often, and use a lint brush. I know it sounds gross, but it works and it’s cost efficient. Dryel has similar chemical properties to dry cleaning formula so it’ll leave your pants clean and fresh between professional launderings.

The Sloan Fit Crops retail for 89.50 at Banana Republic and they are worth every penny. They are versatile, classy, and sexy. Instead of gawking at the price-tag, think about all the ways you could wear these gems. If you’re still suffering sticker shock, check out the BR website and follow them on Twitter for insider info on promotions for 30-40% off. No, Gap Inc. did not ask me to promote Banana. I just love it SO MUCH.

I’ll post pics tomorrow. Until then check em’ out on the website…

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