NYX Girls: Super Funk

May 26, 2011

This… was an impulse buy.

glitter 1

Super Funk is a pinky purple (multi-sized!) glitter in a clear base. In person, the color is slightly warmer than in these pictures. Shown here is four coats plus a coat of Sally Hansen Complete Care. Four coats… seriously.
(I actually got more glitter on my right hand, but did not paint my middle finger, because it needs some other work first. So, no pictures of that.)
The only other real issue that I have besides the number of coats is that this polish stinks. Not quite so much now that it is dry, but it smelled really terrible going on. I wonder what is in it!
That said, though, I think that this could be a legitimately sweet polish if it were layered over another color; a navy blue or a black springs to mind. I don’t even mind it too much bare, simply because it is so shiny. I approve of the shiny.
Another thing that I approve of?

glitter 3

It matches the purple printing in my Russian book almost perfectly. A-!
~ Nicole

One Response to “NYX Girls: Super Funk”

  1. В пузырьке он выглядит лучше)

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