Shatter by OPI

June 4, 2011

Let me just let the cat out of the bag a little early: I LOVE this polish.

When I first heard about the idea of the crackle polish, I was apprehensive. I also sort of had this image in my head that it was a clear polish that you put over a color and then the shatter polish would somehow corrupt whatever color you’d put on and make it all crackly. Not so!

For about 8.50, you can purchase OPI Shatter at most beauty supply places. I got mine at Trade Secret. Most in my area seem only to currently carry the black kind (silver and white are also rumored to exist), but for now that’s enough for me.

Start by applying whatever color you want under the crackle. My personal favorite combinations so far are gold because it ends up looking a lot like animal print and teal, but anything in a medium-light shade goes pretty well because, come on, it’s black. Everything goes! I wasn’t a huge fan of pairing it with orange (too Halloween) or red/hot pink (too pseudo-punky) or anything even close to being considered a dark color because at that point it’s hard to tell you’re even wearing the crackle or if you just have really screwed up black nail polish on.

Anyway, after you have let the under-color dry, paint on a thin layer of the crackle. I have a tendency to apply things in thick coats, but use the crackle sparingly because otherwise it will not give the right amount of shatter and you will see very little of the color beneath. It will look really weird when you first apply it, before it has crackled. You will worry you have done something wrong, but you have not. Unless you are using a cheaper color for the under-color and didn’t let it dry all the way. If this has happened, the crackle tends to kind of grab on to the un-dried color and pull it back as it separates/crackles. The one quirk of Shatter is that it likes to crackle away from the end of your nail ever so slightly. It doesn’t peel up or anything, it just prefers to not hang out in the, like, fraction of a fraction of a fraction of an inch. So let the under color dry or it might get grabbed by the crackle and make a sort of interesting lumpy bit. It doesn’t effect the appearance of the color/crackle itself, but you may notice the lump yourself.

Only apply one coat of the crackle. It will dry matte and looks so much better with a nice shiny topcoat. Two nice things about Shatter: If you have an existing manicure that got dinged or chipped, you can make it last another couple days by applying a thin layer of crackle and topcoat. Additionally, Shatter camoflauges small knicks and scrapes it sustains because of the textured sort of appearance. It’s really nice to have in your collection just to spice it up every once in awhile or, in my case, most of the time.

Please note: I’ve posted two pics of the same application-one in the sun and one in the shade, just to show the sparkle in one and a clearer picture of the crackle in the other.

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