Essie: Absolutely Shore

July 20, 2011

Guys… I have found a polish that being really, really shiny will not redeem. Unfortunately that polish is Essie’s Absolutely Shore, which I purchased at a whim because it was half-price and looked like an interesting color.

Essie: Absolutely Shore

Is it an interesting color? Yes. To me it comes across as a very pale grey that leans green or blue, depending on the light.
However, being interesting does not redeem the four coats that it took to make it that interesting color – nor does it redeem the fact that it could really, really use a fifth coat.
While that is more visible in person, here you can (hopefully) see that I still have some bald/awkwardly uneven patches.

Essie: Absolutely Shore 2

I will give it this: the problems with it were much more visible before I added my Sinful Colors top coat! I really should have taken pictures of it before I added a top coat, and I think that that is a policy which I will implement in later nail polish picture posts.
This is not a polish that I particularly like, and I will admit that after four coats and a top coat I was done. There is a fuzzy on one of my fingers, and, well, that is just too bad. I am not redoing it. In fact, I imagine that I will be taking this off pretty soon. It’s a shame, because I do like the color all right!
And, before I sign off, a bad joke that I just cannot avoid: if you’re thinking about picking up Absolutely Shore, make sure that you’re absolutely shore that you’re patient enough to deal with the application. Hehe.