Let’s take a break from all these teals and blues, shall we?
FingerPaint’s Outta Sight Orange is part of their Peace, Love, & Color Collection, and it is a very, very summery color!

FingerPaints: Outta Sight Orange

Per my new photo policy, I was going to take pictures with and without top coat… but I never got that far. While I did add a top coat later, the Outta Sight Orange that is shown here is three coats sans top coat. Honestly, it is almost as shiny without my Sinful Colors top coat as it is with it!

FingerPaints: Outta Sight Orange 2

(Please excuse the sloppy edges here. I’m wincing, too.)
Look at that glittery, bright orange wonderfulness!
This is a color and polish that I completely approve of. It was only my second foray into FingerPaints, and I am looking forward to exploring their collection further!