Long time no post! That said, besides this mani, I have pictures of three others to get up here. I’m doing this one first because it is the biggest turn around from my last few posts.
While I was in England a few weeks ago, I picked up several nail polishes. This on, Leighton Denny’s Do Me A Flavour, was actually a free gift with a magazine! (This is something that I think that we need more of in the US. Besides nail polish, there were also lip glosses, eyeliners, eye shadows, etc. sold with magazines. I like.)
Leighton Denny is a brand that I had not heard of, and this was the only Leighton Denny polish that I recall seeing during the trip. However, I did a little research on their website, and it looks like this polish is part of their 2011 Gelato Collection.

Leighton Denny

In my pictures, it shows a little redder than in does in person: in person it is a true, bright orange. This is two coats! While it was a little patchy in places (next time I would do three coats), two coats was quite passable. I also added a Sinful Colors topcoat.

LD 2

After several days of wear, I added Sephora by OPI gold shatter on top of some nails. I liked the effect of this on the orange quite a bit (it was shiny! And glittery! Wooo). I find that this shatter is much more glittery with a top coat (as seen here) than without one.
Overall, I found both of these polishes to be fun and summery, and Do Me A Flavour scratched my itch for a bright orange polish. However… I am very, very glad that I got Do Me A Flavour as part of a four or five pound magazine, instead of paying the eleven pound normal price. That seems quite steep, especially with the US dollar still so weak.

Next up: we’ll be going back into my color family… but it will not be a rave review.

~ Nicole