For reasons that are now unclear to me, I was persuaded to go to Eugene this weekend. It was a bust-I am SO glad to be back in the 97206. Anyway, I went to Target with my closest chum and her boyfriend to prepare for a trip to Russia (yes, Russia…) and after the ridiculousness of the evening prior, I needed a pick me up. The glorious rainbow that is the nail polish wall (aka My Mecca) never ceases to do the trick…

Taryn (my bestie), Braden (the boyfriend), and I had wandered in that direction in order to select some miniature toiletries for aforementioned trip and magically the polish wall was upon us. Taryn and I were entranced by the myriad of hues while Braden looked on with some irritation. At this point it was clear to him that we were going to be there awhile. I was surprised to find that Target does have a few OPI polishes. I have several OPI and China Glaze polishes and I adore them. You can guarantee those colors are going to go on smoothly, evenly, and nearly opaque after just the first coat. HOWEVER. I firmly believe that the Sally Hansens and the Sinful Colors of the world can be just as satisfying at just 2$ a pop so long as you have some patience and a good topcoat. I use an OPI quick dry and then a Seche Vite topcoat over that simply because it is slightly more viscous and shiny than the OPI which I use because it does dry unbelievably quickly and, at least in my head, it protects better against chips. I selected three colors-“Mellow Yellow” and “Mint Sorbet” by Sally Hansen (the “Xtreme Wear” line) and “Dream On” from Sinful Colors, but, as the title may have implied, here I will just be discussing “Mint Sorbet” for “brevity” and also because I haven’t tried the others.

Aside from having a decent topcoat, the most important thing with the Sally’s as well as the other cheaper polishes is to make sure each coat dries completely before you apply the rest. Don’t freak out when the first coat looks a little uneven, as you apply the second and third (perhaps fourth-I find doing my nails to be extremely soothing and drag it out for copious sums of time) coats, it’ll even out. ┬áThe more expensive colors seem to have a creamier formula and for whatever reason hold up a little better if you’re not being patient and want to slap on the second coat while the first is only 70% dry. If I’m using an OPI, I start painting on my left thumb, move across my left hand and then to the right. I usually don’t wait between coats. Seriously, I finish the first coat and move right onto the second. With a higher quality polish, this doesn’t usually seem to be an issue unless I get clumsy and smack my hand into something. You absolutely cannot do that with a cheaper color. Wait for it to dry or you will be sorry. Regardless of what quick dry topcoat you use, you will have soft-ish nails for a long time and they WILL get dinged up and you will be sad.

Moving on, the color was slightly intimidating in the bottle, but only because I have always used medium to dark colors. While it scared me a bit, I adored “Mint Sorbet.” Obviously, because I brought it home. I am shocked to find that I actually love the light color on my nails. I can’t stop looking at it. If I worked for Sally Hansen, I might call it “Little Green Men.” I say this in the best way possible. It’s funky, fun, and unusual. Perfect for the warm weather and sunny attitudes to come. And best of all, it was only 2 bucks. That’s the other thing-even if I had hated it, it wasn’t like I just spent 9$ on a bottle of OPI or something.


I give this polish like a 3.25 out of 5. The color’s awesome. You will probably be the only person wearing it (in a good way-a lot of people are chickens when it comes to color) and “Mint Sorbet” is as light hearted as the season. Downside: You will probably need about a half an hour to properly use this color due to drying time and you must use an upper end topcoat for staying power.

-Sarah Ansley (You can call me Sarah again. My friends said it was too late to go by Ansley this late in the game)

I have a kind of uneven thumbnail right now...awkward.