Sinful Color’s Savage is a very weird polish, and it was very difficult to photograph. Most of these pictures are not very color accurate.
When I look at Savage, this is about the color that I see:

Sinful Colors: Savage

Savage is a dark, green-leaning teal creme – darker and greener than it is here, honestly. And, without top coat, it isn’t nearly as shiny.
What does Savage look like it when it is first applied? Texture-wise, it looks like this.

Sinful Colors: Savage (no top coat)

I believe that this is three coats of color inaccurate plastic-y chalkiness. And I don’t mean that in a bad way – it’s a very interesting texture, and this polish dries very quickly! I was seriously impressed with it in this respect.
For this mani, I did decide to add top coat, and… Well. Savage sucks up top coat, and it felt like my top coat took longer than usual to dry (although that could be, at least in part, because Savage itself dried so quickly). I ended up using two layers of top coat instead of my usual one layer.

Sinful Colors: Savage 2

Later, I decided to layer Sinful Color’s Green Ocean on top of my mani. A while ago, I did a mani with Green Ocean over Sinful Color’s Gorgeous, and the colors weren’t really different enough to let Green Ocean shine. That was much less of a problem here.

Sinful Colors: Savage & Green Ocean

(Again, Savage is much darker and greener than this, but Green Ocean is pretty accurate.) Look at those flashes of color! Really, really lovely.

For fun, I added up the number of layers in this mani:

3 coats Savage + 2 coats top coat + 2 coats Green Ocean + 1 (really thick) coat top coat = 8 coats

It beats out my OPI Mermaid’s Tears and Austin-tatious Turquoise mani by several coats! Wow.
Despite the number of layers, I have to give this mani props for staying power. Several days later, I have only minor chipping (mainly on two nails that, due to issues with the nails themselves, I expected to chip), and some tipwear. I am impressed. Overall, despite the weirdness, I am going to rate both Savage and Green Ocean as winners.


At the moment I am wearing two colors from the Sinful Colors brand: Gorgeous, a shiny green-leaning teal, and Green Ocean, a green-based flakey polish.

Sinful Colors: Green Ocean

While these polishes are a little too close in color to be terribly striking together, I am fond of this combination! This is one coat of Green Ocean (on every other nail) over three coats of Gorgeous. All nails also have a Sinful Colors topcoat.
Green Ocean can be finicky to apply: the flakeys like to stick up and, especially when multiple coats are used, the finish can be rough. This is a polish that I would not particularly recommend using on bare nails, because the flakeys are suspended in green jelly. The first mani that I did with this polish, I was at university and didn’t have my other colors, so I just slapped in on. The result? Very shiny flakeys on sickly green nails. Oops.

Sinful Colors: Gorgeous

That said, however, this polish gives a nice texture and element of interest to the polish it is on top of. It does flash other colors, including a beautiful blue. Last night I layered it on top of OPI’s Planks a Lot, and was surprised at how well it went with the purple. Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures.
If you run into Green Ocean, I would recommend picking it up – it’s only $2, and it’s a fun novelty polish to play around with!
As for Gorgeous, what can I say? It’s in my color family, albeit on the green side of it (this is another polish that looks greener in inside light than in outside light), and it is very, very shiny. Sounds like a keeper to me.
And, to finish this up, meet Ellie:


Ellie is very helpful when it comes to taking polish pictures!